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XII. Budapest, Magánház

dimension: H: 1,5 m, W: 1,2 m

structure: Onix, glass, stainless steel

light: dimmable led

year: 2022

The „Moha” light installation is a spectacular evidence of sustainable design and manufacturing. The parts are remainders of glass, stone and steel industrial production. She utilizes these rests as the elements of the lamp.

The hanging ceiling lamp consists of 49 pieces of dimmable lights, stone and glass disks. Around the disks there is a shiny stainless-steel ring.

As an effect of even a brise the elements of the static composition come into motion.

All disks can illuminate in two different effects because of the hidden LED light source and the two different types of materials. The conjectured light transforms the view of the surface more dynamic of the disc made of stone while the glass disk with the rustic material gives a crystal shine effect. The reflected light from the shiny stainless steel surface disks enhances the glare. These dual light effects and the composition together are creating scenic visuality of the space.

The part elements of the composition are uniquely manufactured, the assembly and the installations is made by hand. lamp design



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